710 Day Specials

710 Celebration

7.10 Specials

15% Off All Concentrates
10% Off All Vape Carts 1g
15% Off All Tranquility Farm 3.5g
10% Off All Chocolate Edibles
10% Off All Baked Goods

Buy 1 get 1 50% Off 

22k Concentrates (Berry White)
LTD Concentrates (Bling)
Highland Concentrate (Shiskaberry)
Himalaya Cart .5G (Vanilla Frosting)
Humboldt Cannabis Co (Purple Punch)


Friday Firestick PreRoll Deal

10% Discount on PreRoll Packs 10% Off when you purchase $35 or more in Preroll flower. See our PreRoll Selection


Thirsty Thursday 10% Beverage

10% Off all Beverages every Thursday. Check out all the Beverages BOGO Specials on FIZZ Beverages CANN Beverages Rebel Coast …


Wax Wednesday 10% Concentrates

Wax Wednesday Special Wax Wednesday 10% off all Concentrates (Excluding Vape Carts and Pens) Click Here for Wax Selection

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