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We are honored to serve you. Our goal is to combine the time-tested traditions of ancient herbalism, with clinically tested modern technology to attain a heightened state of well-being never achieved before! We focus on bringing you the highest quality foods, and herbs on the planet to incorporate into your everyday life. The idea is to find fun, easy, and tasty ways to enrich your life. Come in to try one of our delicious organic superfood smoothies, an enzyme-rich cold-pressed green juice, or ask our in-house herbalist about what supplemental & detox programs can work well for you.

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We also offer the most cutting-edge technology in the field of biohacking technology.

Some of our favorite services to try include our oxygen-rich Hyperbaric chamber, the mitochondria charging red joovv light, the amazing Ampcoil which utilizes pulsed electromagnetic fields to help balance our body’s circulation, lymphatic drainage, and intracellular communication.

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By combing the ancient wisdom, and modern technology we are excited to help people unlock potential they never knew was there! Bringing a new level to our global communities quality of life is a true gift to share, and we are lucky to have this opportunity.

Thank you, and welcome!

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